The opulent RX 450e epitomizes the Lexus history, yet its limited range lessens its appeal.

As Toyota's high-end label, Lexus was a hybrid vehicle innovator.

It launched an electric-assisted version of the hybrid, becoming the first luxury company to do so.

In 2005, Toyota's luxury brand debuted its well-liked RX crossover SUV. But times do change.

It's possible that Lexus was able to disregard Tesla's appeal to buyers of high-end vehicles.

While its competitors struggle to keep up with the startup automaker, it cannot disregard tighter emissions regulations.

Thus, Lexus is finally introducing an EV while its distinctive hybrids will continue to exist.

The first EV for North America and the first globally created from the ground up as an EV is the 2023 Lexus RZ 450e, or RZ for short.