While it was higher than a year ago, the volume was lower than in Q1 2023 and Q4 2022.

Production and deliveries of vehicles by the Lucid Group during the second quarter of 2023.

Production climbed dramatically year over year, however there was no growth when compared to the prior quarter.

2,173 automobiles were produced by Lucid Air in the second quarter of 2023, up 204% from the same period last year.

1,404 Lucid Air Q2 2023 client deliveries were made, which is an increase of 107% from the previous year.

As long as we don't know that they are lower in both scenarios than in Q1 and Q4 2022, those outcomes appear to be excellent.

Another issue is the persistent disparity between production and deliveries, which totaled about 769 units in the second quarter and about 4,500 during the previous six quarters.

In reality, production and delivery have decreased for two straight quarters.