With the IONIQ 6 surpassing 1,000 units sold, Hyundai Motor North America claimed its best-ever IONIQ 5 sales month in June.

Second half of 2023 sees an increase in Hyundai US EV sales.

The IONIQ 5 electric SUV, Hyundai's first entirely electric vehicle, went on sale in the US in May 2021.

Hyundai unveiled its second electric vehicle, the IONIQ 6 "electrified streamliner" sedan, following a successful first year.

The IONIQ 6 SE Long Range RWD variant, the best-rated EV, has a combined range of 361 EPA-est miles and 140 MPGe.

Fueleconomy.gov lists it in the top ten for 2023, ahead of the Lucid Air Pure and Lucid Air Touring.

In contrast to the 13,692 IONIQ 5 cars sold in the first half of 2022, Hyundai has sold 13,641 of them so far this year.

There have been 3,245 IONIQ 6 sales to date, 3,023 of which were in the second quarter.