MD of Jayem Automotives will jointly participate in the new company, in which TICMPL will own an 80% stake and Anand a 20% stake.

Jayem designs, develops, tests, and manufactures a variety of automobile parts and systems.

Deliver with pride in the EV small commercial vehicle class high-performance products that transcend consumer expectations.

With the addition of the fourth electric vehicle platform, this step, according to TI Clean Mobility, will enhance its entry into the market for commercial vehicles in India, which is the largest.

J Anand stated, "We are very happy to work with TICMPL and be a part of this transformation journey.

Jayem has worked with top auto OEMs for the past few decades, solidifying its position as a powerful company in the automotive design and development sector.

Additionally, TICMPL has a contract with J Anand and plans to launch a new subsidiary to market e-SCV.

TICMPL's manufacturing capabilities in conjunction with Jayem's conceptualization, design, development, and prototype skills