The 400-volt STLA Medium EV platform from Stellantis has been unveiled.

The STLA Medium, an EVdedicated platform that will support, has been announced by Stellantis.

Future C and D category (small and midsized) vehicles from the firm, like as sedans, crossovers/SUVs, and the planned Jeep Recon.

The STLA Medium only has a 400-volt design, despite the STLA Medium's claims of strong EV capabilities.

Considering that the Hyundai Ioniq 5 operates at 800V, STLA Medium-based vehicles may suffer from a 400V system.

Batteries can be charged from 20 to 80 percent on the STLA Medium unibody platform in 27 minutes.

The Korean compact crossover can charge 10 to 80 percent faster than the Ioniq 5—in just 18 minutes.

Theoretically, EVs using the new platform would need to wait longer at charging stations than segment rivals using an 800-volt system during lengthy road journeys.