The iX3 and iX xDrive40 electric SUVs from BMW are eligible for a variety of discounts, including a $5000 trade-in bonus.

Since COVID-19 launched in 2020, deals on new automobiles, much alone new electric cars, have traditionally been difficult to find.

One such manufacturer was BMW, which is still providing a similar bargain on two of its electric SUVs.

On the iX3, BMW Australia is promoting a "BMW Power Pack"

both of its iX models, the base xDrive40 and both of which are available via dealers.

With this package, you receive a BMW Wall Box that, depending on how your garage is configured, can provide up to 22kW of AC charging.

a $5000 trade-in bonus and a six-year, $2195 BMW Service Inclusive package.

Prices for the iX3 start at $104,900 before on-road expenses, while prices for the iX xDrive40 start at $135,900.