The Ford Ranger has been overtaken by the Tesla Model Y.

The second most popular vehicle sold in Australia overall in terms of the percentage of electric cars.

In June, the market for new cars reached a record 8.8%.

 the Federated Chamber of Automotive Industries, 5,560 sales of the Tesla Model Y, which was already the best-selling SUV of any kind in May, were made.

the vehicle that sold the second most units, behind the Toyota Hi-Lux truck (6,142).

The FCAI said that 11,042 battery electric vehicles, or 8.8% of June sales, were sold.

the month and account for 7.4% (or 43,092) of all new car sales in the first half of 2023.

16.6% of total sales were made up of EVs, which include battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles