1.BMW i3: The i3's range is only about 100 miles due to its small battery and poor motor.

2.The Fiat 500e is praised for its stylish and classic appearance.

3. Smart EQ fortwo: Can only travel 81 miles on a single charge, preventing use outside of the city.

4. Tesla Model X: The drive, electric, climate, and suspension systems routinely malfunction.

Nissan Leaf: The charging process is also too slow. Even a poor resale value cannot be expected from this vehicle.

6. Volkswagen e-Golf: For the same price, it misses some of the best features that you'll find in competing electric cars.

7.Hyundai Ioniq: This vehicle's lack of cargo room may make it less practical for some drivers to choose it.

8.Chevrolet8:The number of safety recalls for the Chevrolet Bolt is starting to scare away potential customers.