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Tesla provided clawed back scratcher to UK customers.

The right-hand-drive Tesla Model S and X were discontinued earlier this year.

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The decision significantly angered many international buyers in the UK who had been waiting years for their Tesla order and left them with little choice but to switch to a left-hand-drive vehicle. There is only one issue: LHD cars cannot use the infrastructure in the United Kingdom.

Tesla developed a somewhat low-tech solution to this issue. In order to let customers reach items via the window where drivers of RHD cars are typically seated, Tesla is providing “The Reacher” to new owners taking possession of an LHD Model S or X in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, Tesla gave up on its intentions to offer RHD versions of the Model S and X in the United Kingdom. The announcement comes more than two years after Tesla updated both of its high-end models in the US, but U.K. customers who placed orders merely had to wait for an outdated platform to be delivered.Additionally, it makes Tesla one of the few high-volume luxury automakers that does not provide a RHD version of their vehicles for the UK market.

The cancellation was announced in May to customers who still had unfulfilled orders for either vehicle. After making this change, Tesla started selling LHD automobiles in the U.K. This kept at least some customers who were willing to put up with the change in order to receive their dream cars. And those who persisted apparently received “The Reacher” complimentary with their purchase.

Both Tesla customers and potential buyers aren’t overly enthusiastic about this new offering. While some are referring to it as “another slap in the face,” others are calling it outright “embarrassing.”

To be quite honest, I’m absolutely rolling after this repair. When it comes to car production, Tesla has a history of finding workarounds, and this bandage is merely the most recent iteration of an after-sales patch. The solution is a gripping stick this time around rather than patching cooling systems, replacing broken bolts or warrantying cars for steering wheels that fall off.

Driving an automobile with the wrong side’s steering wheel gradually becomes unpleasant. I don’t know if you’ve ever driven one for a while, but once you realise that everything you need to interact with requires you to entirely stretch over to the other side of the car, the cool appeal rapidly wears off.

Do you require a parking garage ticket? Stretch. Going to eat lunch in the drive-through? Stretch. Arriving in the bank to make a cheque deposit? Streeetch. However, when it comes to your brand-new $150,000 premium performance automobile with the steering wheel on the wrong side, The Reacher will fix all of your troubles.