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Range Extension for the Tesla Model 3 Project Highland Is Expected

There are rumours that Tesla intends to boost the Tesla Model 3’s base battery.

Tesla Model 3

According to reports from China, a battery pack update from 60 to 66 kWh will increase the electric vehicle’s range by 10%. The rumoured action is associated with Tesla’s ambitious Project Highland, which is anticipated to bring about a number of enhancements to the appearance and functionality of the Model

According to reports, the improved battery was developed in partnership with CATL using their M3P lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs. Greater energy storage is promised by this technology, which also fits with Tesla’s continued commitment to cost- and production-efficiency improvements.

Rear-wheel drive, the Tesla Model 3’s entry-level model, originally came with a 55kWh battery, which Tesla later increased to 60kWh. An additional 6kWh would be added with this new update, perhaps extending the driving distance by 30 miles (50 km).

However, the advantages of this battery update don’t end there. The M3P battery packs are also less expensive, which may portend a future drop in the Tesla Model 3’s manufacturing costs. This decision may result in more reasonably priced Tesla vehicles hitting the market, increasing their appeal to a wider range of environmentally aware motorists.

The timing of the battery update is crucial. Even though the Model 3 sold a lot last year, Tesla experienced a tiny decline in sales in China. However, this improvement could provide the Model 3 with the much-needed resuscitation to bounce back and maintain its lead in the EV market, coupled with other anticipated enhancements under Project Highland.

One of the main factors contributing to Tesla’s competitive advantage in the electric vehicle market has been its persistent practise of improving batteries with each model redesign. By including larger capacity batteries in the Model 3, the firm is advancing EV technology and strengthening its position in the market.

The updated Tesla Model 3 could establish a new benchmark for electric vehicle range thanks to its new 66kWh battery. Although none of the Project Highland-related modifications have been publicly disclosed by Tesla, rumours from insiders and sightings of test cars have raised expectations for a quick update to the Tesla Model 3. At Giga Shanghai, stricter drone regulations imply that the corporation may be testing the vehicles on factory grounds.

If these rumours are accurate, the updated Model 3 will have a longer driving range and confirm Tesla’s leadership in the EV industry. As Tesla continues to lead the way for electric vehicles in the future, all eyes will definitely be on the company.

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